Sortable AJAX Grid Example

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Click on the column headings to sort the list by filename or date, and click on the file name or date to view the image.

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This example uses a client-side javascript to consume an XML feed. In this case the XML feed is generated by a server-side script that retrieves a list of files in my "images" folder, and formats the list as an XML document. However, the downloadable version includes a static XML file.

The client-side script loads and parses this data, then builds an HTML table to display the data on this page.

And the best part? The table is sortable on either column, in ascending or descending order - without having to make additional XMLHttpRequests or refresh the page! That is cool! Well, I think it is anyway....


All in all, a pretty useful application. You could display your RSS feed with this script, or really any XML-based data, for that matter.